JH/HS Important Information for 2020-2021
JH/HS Important Information for 2020-2021
Scott Guthrie
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The start of the school year is upon us, and with continuing construction and COVID-19 protocols, this year is anything but routine. The following items are listed to help you be informed.

Please view the attached aerial view map marking parking, parent pick up area, school entrance etc.  STUDENT PARKING AREA HAS CHANGED

 Student Assembly for grades 7/8 will take place on Aug 20 (2nd day of school- 1st per ).  Student Assembly for grades 9/10 will take place on Aug 21 (1st per) and 11/12 grades (3rd per).

 Schedules are available on TeacherEase.  A paper copy will also be available in the HS office.

 Face coverings are required while on school buses and while in food service line.  Students may remove face covering once they have reached the lunch table.  Face coverings are strongly recommended at all times.

 Lunch tables will be assigned by grade level.  It is required students sit in assigned area.  Campus will again be closed for lunch.

 Seating charts will be used in all classes and on buses.